Manual Transportation Systems Reliability and Safety

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The public and customers rely on operators to assure them the reliable and safe day-to-day uses of public transports. To improve safety and reliability of transportation and transit systems, many key engineering implementations on board and on site have been innovated. In addition, based on recent facts and evidences, extreme physical and cyber threats become more common and even more dangerous to the public. Such examples are the terrorist attacks in Saint Petersburg in , in London in , in Stockholm in , in Brussels in , in Nice in , and so many more.

These examples have one thing in common.

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They all targeted at transportation and transit system, either on rail, bus, car or truck, etc. This research topic will further promote and encourage research, development, policy and innovation in improving safety, managing risks, and mitigating uncertainties in transportation and transit systems where perspectives from the humanities and the operations are also included. Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

It provides an insight on advanced methods and concepts for the prevention, mitigation, assurance and development towards safer built environments via transportation systems.

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His work involved application to a variety of structures, including civil, automotive, and marine, with emphasis on bridge components and systems. Currently, Dr.

Reliability Engineering and System Safety

Simulated annealing, genetic algorithm and swarm intelligence; constrained problems; problems with discrete design variables; hybrid deterministic-stochastic algorithms. Calculus of Variations, approximation methods Ritz, Galerkin , application to structural models: Euler-Bernoulli, Timoshenko and high order beams, Kirchhoff plates.

Sami W. Tabsh has been a faculty member at the University of Houston, Texas, and a project engineer for complex structures with Gannett Fleming, Inc. Tabsh's research interests are in reliability-based code development, bridge structures, high-rise buildings and large-scale experimental testing. He has been published man times in international journals and conference proceedings, and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Pennsylvania, USA.

His research brings together the versatility of generalized simulation-based approaches and the efficiency of soft computing and high performance computing to address the challenges associated with solving complex engineering problems. He got his Ph. Radu Vacareanu participated in international projects and coordinated national projects aiming at seismic risk reduction.

He published numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences proceedings.

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His research interest covers the seismic hazard, fragility and risk. His primary research interests are: application of remote sensing in water resources and environment, Coastal resiliency, hydrodynamic modeling, storm water management and impact assessment of extreme weather events on built environment. He has worked on New York and New Jersey Resiliency planning has been a pioneer in identification of the high risk areas and prediction of the possible damages and cost analysis under various extreme climatic scenarios.

His main field of expertise are structural and earthquake engineering, structural dynamics, resilience-based design, reliability analysis, and vibration control in structures and infrastructure under extreme loading. Structural engineering, Fatigue analysis, Reliability and risk analyses, Contact mechanics, Random vibration. Google Scholar. Fakharian received his B. He is currently a Ph. Furthermore, he is a professional in the area of application of soft computing in Civil Engineering. During his academic experience in university, he has performed lots of activity as an executive manager in many parts.

His awards include: 1st Top Ranked Ph. Mehdi Mokhtari received his B.

Transportation Systems Reliability and Safety

Furthermore, he is a professional in the area of seismic resilience and vulnerability in Structural Engineering. Home Editorial Board. Guide for Authors.

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  7. Submit Manuscript. Contact Us. Editorial Board. Pipinato, A. Ghasemi, S. Rakoczy, A. Nowak, A. S and Rakoczy, A. System reliability and risk analysis, highway bridges, fatigue and fracture reliability analysis. Mohammadi and J. Mohammadi and M. Modares Determinant of motor vehicle fatalities and fatality rate in Illinois,Sponsor: Illinois Department of Transportation, principal investigators: J. Guralnick and J. Google Scholar Education Ph. Research Interests Structural reliability Life-cycle analysis and risk assessment of civil infrastructure systems exposed to extreme events Multi-hazard risk mitigation Climate change effects on civil infrastructure design and maintenance strategies Risk-informed decision-making Infrastructure resilience and sustainability.

    Publications Lee, J. Adaptive decision-making for civil infrastructure systems and communities exposed to evolving risks. Structural Safety , submitted. Lee, J. A decision model for intergenerational life-cycle risk assessment of civil infrastructure exposed to hurricanes under climate change. Reliability Engineering and System Safety , Ellingwood, B.

    Transportation Systems Reliability and Safety

    Managing risks to civil infrastructure due to natural hazards: communicating long-term risks due to climate change. Life cycle performance goals for civil infrastructure: intergenerational risk-informed decisions. Structure and Infrastructure Engineering , 12 7 Ethical discounting for civil infrastructure decisions extending over multiple generations. Structural Safety ,

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