Manual Spirit in the Cities: Searching for Soul in the Urban Landscape

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Psychogeography has other uses besides drifting or re-enchanting marginalised spaces. It has a historical use as well.

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In cases where the landscape has been affected by crime or suffering, psychogeographic readings are especially poignant. Walking to Marks Park in Bondi, the scene of a series of homophobic attacks in the s , which went largely unsolved, Brown observes:. The fact that the park sits near the Sculptures by the Sea — a much-hyped tourist destination in Bondi since — is significant; it seems to trivialise the brutal history of the area, a history written over and unnoticed by tourists, and forgotten by locals.

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He uses it in reference to a garbage heap that became reconstructed as a recreational space, known as Beckton Alps. The fact that visitors did not know they were standing on a previous garbage waste site fascinated Sinclair. In his book Present Pasts: Urban Palimpsests and the Politics of Memory , Andreas Huyssen discusses the increasing phenomenon of selective memory in cities that confronted trauma Berlin, New York, etc.

He describes the city as a text haunted by its past and present negotiations with its Nazi and Communist history.

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This is what makes psychogeography a particularly useful critique beyond mere urban re-enchantment. Psychogeography thrives as an interrogation of space and history; it compels us to abandon — at least temporarily — our ordinary conceptions of the face value of a location, so that we may question its mercurial history. Screen music and the question of originality - Miguel Mera — London, Islington. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Leah-Anne Thompson from www.

Spirit in the Cities: Searching For Soul in the Urban Landscapes – Edited by Kathryn Tanner

In her essay she reveals that the sense of shame she feels as a citizen of a reviled city has caused her to identify with Jesus, who hailed from Nazareth and was the subject of the biting words, "Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?

Therefore, all places — not just those labeled holy — have the potential to evoke the Spirit, although some places may nurture that Spirit while others may kill it. In his essay on Philadelphia, Mark Lewis Taylor identifies two challenges that confront the contemporary city: alienation of people from the natural earth and alienation of people from each other. However, in the vision of "restorative urban utopia" that he espouses, these threats will be resisted as relationships are restored.

Therefore, urban theologians and religious communities are encouraged to take action against structural practices that promote class division and racial inequality two forms of human alienation , as well as the estrangement of people from nature. Whether readers live in a city, suburb, or rural area, they will be forced to reconsider the traditional ways of seeing and experiencing God and to examine their own surroundings as a potential dwelling for God's Spirit.

Rachel Parker works for Starlight Ministries, serving men and women who are homeless in Boston.


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  • Psychogeography: a way to delve into the soul of a city.

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