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And some children are naturally more talkative than others.

In fact, the quiet child may know just as many words but be choosier about speaking them. As a general rule, boys start talking later than girls, but this variation—like most others mentioned above—tends to even out as children reach school age. Without any formal instruction, just by listening and practicing, your child will master many of the basic rules of grammar by the time she enters school.

You can help enrich his vocabulary and language skills by making reading a part of your everyday routine. At this age, he can follow a story line and will understand and remember many ideas and pieces of information presented in books. Even so, because he may have a hard time sitting still for too long, the books you read to him should be short.

Language: Crash Course Psychology #16

To keep his attention, choose activity-oriented books that encourage him to touch, point, and name objects or to repeat certain phrases. For some children, however, this language-development process does not run smoothly.

Language development

For some children, the problem is caused by hearing difficulty, low intelligence, lack of verbal stimulation at home, or a family history of speech delays. In most cases, though, the cause is unknown.

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Early detection and identification of language delay or hearing impairment is critically important, so treatment can begin before the problem interferes with learning in other areas. Unless you and your pediatrician identify the difficulty and do something about it, your child may have continuous trouble with classroom learning.

Language Development

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What is Communication and Language Development

These errors are to us the best evidence that the child is doing something creative. The child is in fact working out the structure of the grammar. When you hear a child saying things like "breaked" and "falled," this means that the child has worked out the pattern for forming the past tense in English.

English doesn't always follow that pattern, but the child has discovered a pattern. All through the years of language learning, the child is struggling between two opposite problems.


On the one hand, he or she wants to adapt language, a particular language, to the natural patterns of thought. On the other hand, the child has to accommodate to the particular grammar of that language. The result, of course, is our adult linguistic capabilities.

Centre for Community Child Health

But along the way, if you look carefully, you can see the interplay between these two factors. Language is perhaps the most complex cognitive product we have. It's something that all human beings acquire within the first few years of life, regardless of the circumstances in which they grow up, and to a great extent regardless even of their intelligence. Language reflects something about the basic nature of the human mind.