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Next On Air Opera on 3 View full schedule. Morgan's tense, urgent, trumpet, with his searing high register, human-voiced half-valve effects, and his dancing, funky, timing, was the essence of hard-bop.

The Best of Hard Bop

His fast lane lifestyle, which ended when he was shot dead at Slug's in New York, also came to epitomise the music that he made famous through such hit albums as The Sidewinder. Morgan's career took off in his late teens, when he joined Dizzy Gillespie's big band in Gillespie was always a generous teacher , and allowed his young protege plenty of solo space, giving him a perfect launch pad to join Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers in - a band with which he'd played occasionally before his time with Dizzy.

With Blakey, Morgan formed a great partnership with tenorist Benny Golson, and their shared sense of timing and musical rapport is obvious on the album Moanin', both on the title track and on numbers such as Blues March.

Hard Bop: Jazz and Black Music, 1955-1965 by David H. Rosenthal (Paperback, 1993)

Morgan stayed with Blakey until , returning to his native Philadelphia for a few years until he rejoined the band in for a further year and a bit. Synonyms and antonyms of hard bop in the English dictionary of synonyms. Examples of use in the English literature, quotes and news about hard bop. To a great many listeners--from African American aficionados of the period to a whole new group of fans today--this is the very embodiment of jazz.

David Rosenthal on Hard Bop

It is also quintessential hard bop. David Rosenthal, Until now.

Alan Goldsher, David H. Rosenthal, The book looks at the founding fathers of the form, Art Blakey and Horace Silver, and goes on to trace the music through its peak decade.

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Kenny Mathieson, Hard bop and cool jazz were outgrowths of bop, incorporating some of its elements but also following their own individual paths. Hard Bop was a hard- driving,dark,brooding style that stripped bop to its bare essentials. There was urgency in This meeting led to Silver signing with the label where he would remain until He also collaborated with Art Blakey in forming the Jazz Messengers during the early s which Blakey would continue to lead after Silver formed his own quintet in At the same time, his sharp use of repetition was funky even before that word could be used in polite company.

But it was a few years later when Silver would record one of his most famous songs, the title track to his album, Song For My Father.