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Sort order. Oct 29, Nina Barrett rated it really liked it. Dale Marlowe is an attorney and writing instructor at a nearby community college.

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I picked up the book because of the local connection and was quickly drawn into, entrapped perhaps, in the world Marlowe has created or may be recounting. Digging Up the Bones is a series of eleven vignettes, many of which could stand on their own as exemplars of the art of short story telling. The story of the Nash family is revealed as chapters skip back and forth through time and place.

I read the book twice, t Dale Marlowe is an attorney and writing instructor at a nearby community college. I read the book twice, the second time taking the chapters in chronological order in an attempt to better identify the characters and relationships.

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In the end I'm not sure it matters. This is an example of a work in which the whole exceeds the sum of its parts. Marlowe's work is a masterful interweaving of the story of damaged individuals, their struggles and pain conveyed with a master's use of language one favorite: three fingers of Jack, elixir of white men desirous of an excuse to misbehave and twists worthy of O'Henry that left me gapping and grinning.

The Nash's story is difficult, troubling, not easy to distance one's self from and haunting. Suggestion for the author? Tell me more!

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Oct 31, Dan Downing rated it it was amazing. Writing is a tough job, especially fiction, for most of us. I've slung a few words down on paper and always found non-fiction, where I had to get the facts straight and maybe dig deep for them, ultimately easier than the 'creative process'. When I was in school, now only a dim shadow on the memory wall, assigned topics in writing class did make it easier. Later, when I had to come up with ideas and themes and plots all on my own, things were stickier. When some essay on an event or technical top Writing is a tough job, especially fiction, for most of us.

When some essay on an event or technical topic came under my pen Yeah, I write for real with pen and paper , the writing was easier. Now, understand, I have never been to a Writer's Workshop, but I am beginning to think if I wrote a profile of the industry I would find that certain general topics are commonly assigned. For instance, and the present book is an example, one might be tasked to write interconnected short stories which follow a family for a few generations.

These stories would preferably be set in rural States or ethnic inner-city neighborhoods.

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I have read a growing number of such efforts and every author, it seems, attended a Writer's Workshop. Nothing wrong with that. Dale Marlowe's string of stories reflects well on the Iowa Writer's Worksop, which is not a surprise. I get the feeling his book 'Digging Up the Bones' came from the Workshop and was of such high quality that it got itself published and should have gleaned some rave reviews.

Digging Up Bones

It is well written, engaging, full of strong stories about tough if damaged characters. It could be classed as 'hill-billy noir'. But it is a slim volume which came out in I don't see any more under his name, and I can't help wonder if this is a one and done effort. There are other things to do in life besides create stories, and I, for one, prefer wallowing in the words of others to dragging sentences into paragraphs on my own bat. Mar 07, Charles rated it liked it. Good idle reading. A little seedy, a little gritty, and quite American: Outside: Lexington as usual: numb white people in suits shuffling, their labors' futility camouflaged in smug self-importance.

How can they move in this world, walking and talking but still asleep?

Somewhere in this city hillbillies and lawyers are French-kissing, hopeless wives taking lovers, horny teenagers fumbling with one another's bodies, ra Good idle reading. Somewhere in this city hillbillies and lawyers are French-kissing, hopeless wives taking lovers, horny teenagers fumbling with one another's bodies, randy husbands dropping four hours' pay for a lap dance, and worse, oh worse, a million others are telling lies nobody believes about what and who they'll do and what and whom they won't.

Dec 15, Terri rated it liked it. What do you do with these weighty issues? If you have tried to bury these struggles and flaws, wishing for them to be dead and gone, perhaps God is calling you to dig up those old bones. Please read more. It was released in July Is this how we feel about our recurring sins and our personal faults? But, maybe not. Perhaps God is prepared to use our weaknesses in a positive way.

To make my point I want to ask everyone to take a new and radically different look at the Parable of the talents from Matthew with a fresh set of eyes. When reading this Gospel message, the most common interpretation is to assume that Jesus was calling us to use our skills wisely. However, at the time that Jesus spoke this parable, the people would have been familiar with the word talent as an ancient form of measurement, much like we use the word pound today. Most scholars believe that a talent was quite heavy, maybe as much as 60 pounds.

A talent, as a unit of measure, was frequently used to value gold or silver. The important thing for us to know is that a talent was something heavy. For our purposes today, I want you to reflect on the parable, but I want you to do so with the second definition in mind.

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The third servant, sadly, just buried his talent. Try to think of your own flaws, sins and short comings, all of which are heavy and weigh you down, as the talents referred to in the parable. All people have sin in their lives. Let me leave you with a few questions to mull over as we continue our Lenten journey. Is there beneficial affects to telling others about our sins? By telling others about our brokenness, do we gain strength to better confront these sins and struggles?

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When we acknowledge the mercy of God in our lives, does it help others experience the same mercy of God in their life? Almighty and amazing God, I am blessed to know that you can even use the brokenness in my life for the good of your kingdom. Give me the courage to tell others about the mercy and forgiveness you have shared with me, amen. As always, I love to read your comments below as well as hear from you personally by clicking here. Brian, Powerful! Saved it to listen or read again. God be Praised!

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